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Cosmetology Course
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Milady Standard

The UCC course offers a 1500 hour comprehensive study in the arts and sciences of cosmetology. Students  are taught from The Milady Standard   textbook.  Milady has been the  first choice  textbook of cosmetology educators for over 50 years. The Milady Standard texbook provides you with the latest information needed to pass the state board exams, as well as the concepts that will ensure your success in the cosmetology arena.

The Milady Standard affords our instructors to teach what we refer to as a revolving curriculum and allows students to start anywhere in the textbook with the confidence they will come full circle during their course.  This allows a year-round open enrollment policy. 

The instructors make sure you understand the how and the why of techniques in the class room and then provide the amount of assistance you need in the hands on learning experience.  No one is held back and no one is left behind.

Our instructors will teach you:
  • The cosmetology skills and knowledge beyond the requirements to acquire a license and employment in a salon.                                                                                                     
  • To recognize, analyze and solve typical hair problems.    
  • To develop client relations skills necessary to build and retain a clientele as required in a real salon.  
  • To develop professional work habits and attitudes necessary to acquire & maintain employment in the cosmetology field.

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Cosmetology Course

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